Honestly, there really is no best lipstick shade for brides; it's entirely based on their comfort, sense of style, and overall bridal makeup design. But as a makeup artist who has had the opportunity to serve many brides over the past 11 years, here are 5 lipstick shades that seem to be most popular. 

1) Bright Pink: Usually reserved for the more glamorous and risky bride who wants a pop of color with a toned down eye makeup design. 

2) Mauve: For the traditional bride who is wanting a sophisticated bridal makeup design.

3) Touch of Pink: Can be paired with either a smokey eye or a barely there makeup look.

4) Gloss: Brides who want a very natural makeup design tend to go towards a gloss with a tint of color is best. 

5) Red: Red lipstick is for the vampy bride who wants to make a statement. This is best paired with a vintage eye design and glamorous lashes. 

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